UK Farmer Group Discussion Network

Welcome to the UK Farmer Group Discussion Network website.

Here you can find out about the Network and how to contact us.

What is the Network?

We are looking for farming discussion groups to take part in a national debate on the big topics affecting farming today.

Whether your group exists to buy and sell produce; share technology; or trial new breeds and ideas, we would like to hear from you.

UK Farming is set to face one of the most significant periods of uncertainty in recent times.  Our aim is to promote open discussion within and between grass-roots local farming groups to enable farmers to debate and consider the big topics such as Brexit, future farming grants, food supply chain dynamics, public education, new technologies and much more.

Starting in England in 2018, we already have 55 farmer groups on board.  The aim during 2019 and beyond is to expand the Network into Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as continue to grow the membership in England.

Get involved

Established and newly formed farmer discussion groups can take part. We believe these small, local groups are the best place to kick-start an on-going national discussion within the farming industry.